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XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp File Reference

#include <xalanc/Include/PlatformDefinitions.hpp>
#include <stddef.h>
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Definition at line 39 of file XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp.


Definition at line 41 of file XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp.

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typedef size_t CallbackSizeType

Definition at line 50 of file XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp.

typedef void(* XalanFlushHandlerType)(void *)

Callback function passed to the XalanTransformer APIs.

Used to flush the buffer once transform is completed.

static void xalanFlushHandler(const void *handle);

handle handle of XalanTransformer instance.

Definition at line 80 of file XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp.

typedef CallbackSizeType(* XalanOutputHandlerType)(const char *, CallbackSizeType, void *)

Callback function passed to the XalanTransformer APIs.

Used to process transformation output in blocks of data. Caller is responsible for streaming or copying data to a user allocated buffer. Caller should not attempt to write to or free this data.

The callback should return the number of bytes written, and this number should match the length received. Otherwise the XalanTransformToHandler function terminates and returns an error status.

static unsigned long xalanOutputHandler(const void* data, unsigned long length, const void *handle);

data a block of data
length length of block
handle handle of XalanTransformer instance.
number of bytes written

Definition at line 70 of file XalanTransformerDefinitions.hpp.

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