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XalanReferenceCountedObject Class Reference

Class to hold reference count information. More...

#include <XalanReferenceCountedObject.hpp>

Inherited by XObject [protected].

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Detailed Description

Class to hold reference count information.

Definition at line 35 of file XalanReferenceCountedObject.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XalanReferenceCountedObject::XalanReferenceCountedObject (  )  [explicit, protected]
virtual XalanReferenceCountedObject::~XalanReferenceCountedObject (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static void XalanReferenceCountedObject::addReference ( XalanReferenceCountedObject theInstance  )  [static]

Increment reference count.

virtual void XalanReferenceCountedObject::dereferenced (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in XResultTreeFrag, XObject, and XToken.

virtual XalanSize_t XalanReferenceCountedObject::getReferenceCount (  )  const [inline, protected, virtual]

Definition at line 69 of file XalanReferenceCountedObject.hpp.

virtual void XalanReferenceCountedObject::referenced (  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in XObject, and XToken.

static void XalanReferenceCountedObject::removeReference ( XalanReferenceCountedObject theInstance  )  [static]

Decrement reference count.

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