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XalanXMLSerializerFactory Class Reference

A factory class for creating XML serializers. More...

#include <XalanXMLSerializerFactory.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

A factory class for creating XML serializers.

Definition at line 51 of file XalanXMLSerializerFactory.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

static FormatterListener* XalanXMLSerializerFactory::create ( MemoryManager &  theManager,
Writer theWriter,
const XalanDOMString theVersion,
bool  doIndent,
int  theIndentAmount,
const XalanDOMString theEncoding,
const XalanDOMString theMediaType,
const XalanDOMString theDoctypeSystem,
const XalanDOMString theDoctypePublic,
bool  generateXMLDeclaration,
const XalanDOMString theStandaloneString 
) [static]

Create a FormatterListener for generating XML markup.

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