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Downloading Xalan-C++
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Downloading Xalan-C++


Downloading What You Need

We are distributing the source package for the Xalan-C/C++ library, sample programs, and documentation. We are also distributing assembled documentation packages for your browser. Some selected platforms also have binary packages.

Download Xalan-C/C++ Distributions from Apache Mirrors

The Xalan-C/C++ Distribution Tree
The Xalan-C/C++ Source Packages
The Xalan-C/C++ Documentation Packages
The Xalan-C/C++ Binary Packages

Download Xerces-C/C++ XML Parser Library

The Xalan-C/C++ 1.11 library requires the Xerces-C/C++ XML Parser 3.0 or newer, version 3.1.1 is preferred.

Our Xalan Packages

The source package contains all the scripts needed to build the library, sample programs, and documentation for a wide variety of Windows and UNIX platforms. The documentation package provides usable html documentation that is already assembled for your web browsers.

Building the API Reference documents requires a current version of the Doxygen and GraphViz programs for UNIX or Linux. We have not tried building the API Reference on a Windows platform. A usable API Reference is included with the documentation package.


Downloading Notes

Apache package releases are distributed via various mirror sites around the world, and the links below will direct you to a mirror near you. Alternative mirror locations are also provided.

note You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files using signatures downloaded from the Apache master distribution directory.

Access to the latest (and possibly unstable) source can be accessed via SVN

Archives of old Xalan-C/C++ releases can be found at the Apache Xalan Archives and the Old Apache XML Archives.

Archives of old Xerces-C/C++ parser distributions can be found at the Apache Xerces Archives and the Old Apache XML Archives.


Source Packages

Xalan-C/C++ KEYS

You can download the Xalan-C/C++ source packages from the Apache Mirrors.

You should verify your packages against the trusted signatures posted on the Apache master distribution site


Documentation Packages

These documentation packages can be built from the Xalan-C/C++ source distributions on Linux or UNIX systems. Windows systems can only build the basic webpages without the apiDocs interactive API (Application Program Interface) pages.

The html-full is a very large package (355+ MB). It contains the interactive graphics images that map the include file relationships and class relationships. The html-nograf (42 MB) just contains tabular relationships without the large volume of generated graphics.

Xalan-C/C++ KEYS

You can download the Xalan-C/C++ documentation packages from the Apache Mirrors.

You should verify your packages against the trusted signatures posted on the Apache master distribution site


Binary Packages

We are distributing compiled binary packages for several platforms. The Xalan-C/C++ documentation is provided as a separate package. We would like to distribute binary packages for platforms on which Xerces-C/C++ has binary packages distributed.

Both the Xalan (XSLT) and Xerces (XML Parser) libraries should both be compiled with the same version of C++ compiler. A mismatch of compiler versions is known to create runtime library reference errors. If you cannot find a compatible Xerces library, you should obtain the Xerces sources and compile both libraries.

Binary packages labeled xalan_combined have compiled libraries for both Xalan-C/C++ and Xerces-C/C++. All binary packages include the Xalan or xalan.exe command line styleshet transformation processor.

note The development cycles for Xerces-C/C++ and Xalan-C/C++ are separately managed. There is no synchronization of product distribution.

Windows Packages - 32 BIT

Combined with Xerces Parser

Windows Packages - 64 BIT

Combined with Xerces Parser

BSD Packages - 64 BIT

Linux Packages

You can download the Xalan-C/C++ compiled binary packages from the Apache Mirrors.

You should verify your packages against the trusted signatures posted on the Apache master distribution site


Verify The Integrity of the Files

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP or MD5 signatures. You should only download the KEYS and the (asc/md5) signature files from the Apache Master Distribution. The Apache Mirrors of previous sections should be used to download the products.

Make sure you get the signature file for the particular distribution from the master directory, rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures using:

   % pgpk -a KEYS
   % pgpv <archive-name>.tar.gz.asc
   % pgp -ka KEYS
   % pgp <archive-name>.tar.gz.asc
   % gpg --import KEYS
   % gpg --verify <archive-name>.tar.gz.asc

Alternatively, you can verify the MD5 signature on the files. A unix program called md5 or md5sum is included in many unix distributions. It is also available as part of GNU Textutils. Windows users can get binary md5 programs from here, here, or here.


Platform Compatibility

We currently have no one committed to release UNIX and Linux binary packages. If you have scripts to build these packages, your help would be appreciated. You can contribute by posting your comments to the xalan-dev mailing list.

The compiler version used for each platform is listed in the table below. The build platforms shown here have Xerces-C/C++ binary package support.

Platform - Operating System Compilers
Windows X86 VC7.1, VC8, VC9, VC10
Windows X86_64 VC8, VC9, VC10
HPUX ia64 ACC 6
HPUX ia64_64 ACC 6
AIX powerpc xlc 7.0
AIX powerpc_64 xlc 7.0
SOLARIS sparc cc 5.10
SOLARIS sparc_64 cc 5.10
SOLARIS X86 cc 5.10
SOLARIS X86_64 cc 5.10
LINUX X86 gcc 3.4
Linux X86_64 gcc 3.4
MAC OSX X86 gcc 4.0

Building for platforms other than those listed will require a build of the Xerces-C/C++ XML Parser library from the sources. Use of Xalan and Xerces libraries compiled with different versions of compilers may cause problems

note Use GNU tar to untar the Solaris distribution file; see A tar checksum error on Solaris.

If you want to take advantage of the support for number formatting, sorting, and encoding the ICU provides, you should also download and install the International Components for Unicode (ICU); see Using the ICU.

The IBM ICU is supported with Xerces-C version 2.8. Xerces-C version 3 has introduced transcoding support modules, currently being evaluated for Xalan XSLT transcoders.

note To access previous releases of Xalan-C++, visit the Xalan-C archive directory