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Packages that use SQLDocument
org.apache.xalan.lib.sql Provides extension functions for connecting to a JDBC data source, executing a query, and working incrementally through a "streamable" result set. 

Uses of SQLDocument in org.apache.xalan.lib.sql

Fields in org.apache.xalan.lib.sql declared as SQLDocument
private  SQLDocument XConnection.m_LastSQLDocumentWithError
          When the Stylesheet wants to review the errors from a paticular document, it asks the XConnection.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.lib.sql that return SQLDocument
static SQLDocument SQLDocument.getNewDocument(ExpressionContext exprContext)
          This static method simplifies the creation of an SQL Document and allows us to embedd the complexity of creating / handling the dtmIdent inside the document.
private  SQLDocument XConnection.locateSQLDocument(ExpressionContext exprContext, java.lang.Object doc)
          When an SQL Document is returned as a DTM object, the XSL variable is actually assigned as a DTMIterator.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.lib.sql with parameters of type SQLDocument
 void XConnection.setError(java.lang.Exception excp, SQLDocument doc, java.sql.SQLWarning warn)
          Set an error and/or warning on this connection.