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Packages that use ExtensionEvent
org.apache.xalan.trace Implementation of Xalan Trace events, for use by a debugger. 

Uses of ExtensionEvent in org.apache.xalan.trace

Methods in org.apache.xalan.trace with parameters of type ExtensionEvent
 void TraceManager.fireExtensionEndEvent(ExtensionEvent ee)
          Fire an end extension event.
 void TraceManager.fireExtensionEvent(ExtensionEvent ee)
          Fire an end extension event.
 void PrintTraceListener.extension(ExtensionEvent ev)
          Print information about an extension event.
 void PrintTraceListener.extensionEnd(ExtensionEvent ev)
          Print information about an extension event.
 void TraceListenerEx3.extension(ExtensionEvent ee)
          Method that is called when an extension event occurs.
 void TraceListenerEx3.extensionEnd(ExtensionEvent ee)
          Method that is called when the end of an extension event occurs.

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