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Xalan-C++ Command-Line Utilities
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Xalan-C++ Command-Line Utilities


Using a command-line utility

To perform a transformation, you can call Xalan-C++ from the command line (or script), or from within an application (see Usage Patterns).

To perform a transformation from the command line or a script, do the following:

  1. Download Xalan-C++.

  2. Set the path/library path to include the Xalan executable and the Xalan and Xerces libraries.

  3. Call the Xalan executable with the appropriate flags and arguments (described below).


Using the Xalan executable

Call the Xalan executable as follows:

Xalan [options] xmlSource xslStylesheet

where xmlSource is the XML source document, xslStylesheet is the stylesheet to apply, and [options] are any (or none) of the following:

Option Description
-a Use stylesheet processing instruction, not the stylesheet argument.
-e encoding Force the specified encoding for the output.
-i integer Indent the specified amount.
-m Omit the META tag in HTML output.
-o filename Write transformation result to this file (rather than to the console).
-p name expr Set a stylesheet parameter with this expression.
-t name expr Display timing information.
-u name expr Disable escaping of URLs in HTML output.
-v Validate the XML source document.
- A dash as the 'source' argument reads from stdin.
A dash as the 'stylesheet' argument reads from stdin.
('-' cannot be used for both arguments.)

To display a list of the options call the Xalan executable as follows:

Xalan -?