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Packages that use XSLProcessorContext
org.apache.xalan.lib Extension elements and functions shipped with Xalan-Java, including EXSLT functions. 

Uses of XSLProcessorContext in org.apache.xalan.lib

Methods in org.apache.xalan.lib with parameters of type XSLProcessorContext
 void Redirect.close(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem)
          Close the given file and remove it from the formatter listener's table.
private  java.lang.String Redirect.getFilename(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem)
          Get the filename from the 'select' or the 'file' attribute.
private  org.xml.sax.ContentHandler Redirect.makeFormatterListener(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem, java.lang.String fileName, boolean shouldPutInTable, boolean mkdirs, boolean append)
          Create a new ContentHandler, based on attributes of the current ContentHandler.
 void context, ElemExtensionCall elem)
          Open the given file and put it in the XML, HTML, or Text formatter listener's table.
 void PipeDocument.pipeDocument(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem)
          Extension element for piping an XML document through a series of 1 or more transformations.
 void Redirect.write(XSLProcessorContext context, ElemExtensionCall elem)
          Write the evalutation of the element children to the given file.