Class AVTPartSimple

  extended by org.apache.xalan.templates.AVTPart
      extended by org.apache.xalan.templates.AVTPartSimple
All Implemented Interfaces:, XSLTVisitable

public class AVTPartSimple
extends AVTPart

Simple string part of a complex AVT.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
private  java.lang.String m_val
          Simple string value;
(package private) static long serialVersionUID
Constructor Summary
AVTPartSimple(java.lang.String val)
          Construct a simple AVT part.
Method Summary
 void callVisitors(XSLTVisitor visitor)
          This will traverse the heararchy, calling the visitor for each member.
 void evaluate(XPathContext xctxt, FastStringBuffer buf, int context, PrefixResolver nsNode)
          Write the value into the buffer.
 void fixupVariables(java.util.Vector vars, int globalsSize)
          This function is used to fixup variables from QNames to stack frame indexes at stylesheet build time.
 java.lang.String getSimpleString()
          Get the AVT part as the original string.
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Field Detail


static final long serialVersionUID
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Constant Field Values


private java.lang.String m_val
Simple string value;

Constructor Detail


public AVTPartSimple(java.lang.String val)
Construct a simple AVT part.

val - A pure string section of an AVT.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getSimpleString()
Get the AVT part as the original string.

Specified by:
getSimpleString in class AVTPart
the AVT part as the original string.


public void fixupVariables(java.util.Vector vars,
                           int globalsSize)
This function is used to fixup variables from QNames to stack frame indexes at stylesheet build time.

Specified by:
fixupVariables in class AVTPart
vars - List of QNames that correspond to variables. This list should be searched backwards for the first qualified name that corresponds to the variable reference qname. The position of the QName in the vector from the start of the vector will be its position in the stack frame (but variables above the globalsTop value will need to be offset to the current stack frame).


public void evaluate(XPathContext xctxt,
                     FastStringBuffer buf,
                     int context,
                     PrefixResolver nsNode)
Write the value into the buffer.

Specified by:
evaluate in class AVTPart
xctxt - An XPathContext object, providing infomation specific to this invocation and this thread. Maintains SAX state, variables, error handler and so on, so the transformation/XPath object itself can be simultaneously invoked from multiple threads.
buf - Buffer to write into.
context - The current source tree context.
nsNode - The current namespace context (stylesheet tree context).


public void callVisitors(XSLTVisitor visitor)
Description copied from interface: XSLTVisitable
This will traverse the heararchy, calling the visitor for each member. If the called visitor method returns false, the subtree should not be called.

visitor - The visitor whose appropriate method will be called.
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