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org.apache.xalan.processor Parses an XSLT stylesheet document (which may include and import other stylesheet documents) and produces a StylesheetRoot (a TRaX Templates object). 
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 

Uses of AVT in org.apache.xalan.processor

Methods in org.apache.xalan.processor that return AVT
(package private)  AVT XSLTAttributeDef.processAVT(StylesheetHandler handler, java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String name, java.lang.String rawName, java.lang.String value, ElemTemplateElement owner)
          Process an attribute string of type T_AVT into a AVT value.

Uses of AVT in org.apache.xalan.templates

Fields in org.apache.xalan.templates declared as AVT
private  AVT ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.m_attribute
private  AVT ElemSort.m_caseorder_avt
          case-order has the value upper-first or lower-first.
private  AVT ElemSort.m_dataType_avt
          data-type specifies the data type of the strings to be sorted.
private  AVT ElemNumber.m_format_avt
          The "format" attribute is used to control conversion of a list of numbers into a string.
private  AVT ElemNumber.m_groupingSeparator_avt
          The grouping-separator attribute gives the separator used as a grouping (e.g.
private  AVT ElemNumber.m_groupingSize_avt
          The optional grouping-size specifies the size (normally 3) of the grouping.
private  AVT ElemSort.m_lang_avt
          lang specifies the language of the sort keys.
private  AVT ElemNumber.m_lang_avt
          When numbering with an alphabetic sequence, the lang attribute specifies which language's alphabet is to be used.
private  AVT ElemNumber.m_lettervalue_avt
          The letter-value attribute disambiguates between numbering sequences that use letters.
private  AVT ElemPI.m_name_atv
          The xsl:processing-instruction element has a required name attribute that specifies the name of the processing instruction node.
protected  AVT ElemElement.m_name_avt
          The name attribute is interpreted as an attribute value template.
protected  AVT ElemElement.m_namespace_avt
          If the namespace attribute is present, then it also is interpreted as an attribute value template.
private  AVT ElemSort.m_order_avt
          order specifies whether the strings should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates that return AVT
 AVT ElemSort.getCaseOrder()
          Get the "case-order" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getDataType()
          Get the "data-type" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getFormat()
          Get the "format" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getGroupingSeparator()
          Get the "grouping-separator" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getGroupingSize()
          Get the "grouping-size" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getLang()
          Get the "lang" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getLang()
          Get the "lang" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getLetterValue()
          Get the "letter-value" attribute.
 AVT ElemLiteralResult.getLiteralResultAttribute(java.lang.String name)
          Get a literal result attribute by name.
 AVT ElemLiteralResult.getLiteralResultAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Get a literal result attribute by name.
 AVT ElemPI.getName()
          Get the "name" attribute.
 AVT ElemElement.getName()
          Get the "name" attribute.
 AVT ElemElement.getNamespace()
          Get the "namespace" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getOrder()
          Get the "order" attribute.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates with parameters of type AVT
 void ElemLiteralResult.addLiteralResultAttribute(AVT avt)
          Set a literal result attribute (AVTs only).
 void ElemSort.setCaseOrder(AVT v)
          Set the "case-order" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setDataType(AVT v)
          Set the "data-type" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setFormat(AVT v)
          Set the "format" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setGroupingSeparator(AVT v)
          Set the "grouping-separator" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setGroupingSize(AVT v)
          Set the "grouping-size" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setLang(AVT v)
          Set the "lang" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setLang(AVT v)
          Set the "lang" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setLetterValue(AVT v)
          Set the "letter-value" attribute.
 void ElemPI.setName(AVT v)
          Set the "name" attribute.
 void ElemElement.setName(AVT v)
          Set the "name" attribute.
 void ElemAttribute.setName(AVT v)
 void ElemElement.setNamespace(AVT v)
          Set the "namespace" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setOrder(AVT v)
          Set the "order" attribute.
 void ElemLiteralResult.setXmlSpace(AVT avt)
          Set the "xml:space" attribute.
 boolean XSLTVisitor.visitAVT(AVT elem)
          Visit an Attribute Value Template (at the top level).

Constructors in org.apache.xalan.templates with parameters of type AVT
ElemLiteralResult.Attribute(AVT avt, org.w3c.dom.Element elem)
          Construct a Attr.