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Packages that use TemplateList
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 

Uses of TemplateList in org.apache.xalan.templates

Fields in org.apache.xalan.templates declared as TemplateList
private  TemplateList StylesheetRoot.m_templateList
          The "xsl:template" properties.
private  TemplateList StylesheetRoot.m_whiteSpaceInfoList
          A list of properties that specify how to do space stripping.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates that return TemplateList
 TemplateList StylesheetRoot.getTemplateListComposed()
          Accessor method to retrieve the TemplateList associated with this StylesheetRoot.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates with parameters of type TemplateList
 void StylesheetRoot.setTemplateListComposed(TemplateList templateList)
          Mutator method to set the TemplateList associated with this StylesheetRoot.