Package org.apache.xml.dtm

Interface Summary
DTM DTM is an XML document model expressed as a table rather than an object tree.
DTMAxisIterator This class iterates over a single XPath Axis, and returns node handles.
DTMFilter Simple filter for doing node tests.
DTMIterator DTMIterators are used to step through a (possibly filtered) set of nodes.
DTMWSFilter This interface is meant to be implemented by a client of the DTM, and allows stripping of whitespace nodes.

Class Summary
Axis Specifies values related to XPath Axes.
DTMAxisTraverser A class that implements traverses DTMAxisTraverser interface can traverse a set of nodes, usually as defined by an XPath axis.
DTMManager A DTMManager instance can be used to create DTM and DTMIterator objects, and manage the DTM objects in the system.
ObjectFactory This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.
SecuritySupport This class is duplicated for each Xalan-Java subpackage so keep it in sync.

Exception Summary
DTMConfigurationException Indicates a serious configuration error.
DTMDOMException Simple implementation of DOMException.
DTMException This class specifies an exceptional condition that occured in the DTM module.

Error Summary
ObjectFactory.ConfigurationError A configuration error.