Interface DOMSerializer

All Known Subinterfaces:
DOMSerializer, SerializationHandler
All Known Implementing Classes:
AdaptiveResultTreeImpl, EmptySerializer, SerializerBase, SerializerFactory.DOMSerializerWrapper, SimpleResultTreeImpl, StringValueHandler, ToHTMLSAXHandler, ToHTMLStream, ToSAXHandler, ToStream, ToTextSAXHandler, ToTextStream, ToUnknownStream, ToXMLSAXHandler, ToXMLStream

public interface DOMSerializer

Interface for a DOM serializer implementation.

The DOMSerializer is a facet of a serializer and is obtained from the asDOMSerializer() method of the (Serializer) interface. A serializer may or may not support a DOM serializer, if it does not then the return value from asDOMSerializer() is null.


 // Create a document to be serialized
 org.w3c.dom.Document doc = ...;
 // Create a Serializer that will be used
 // to serialize the document  
 org.apache.xml.serializer.Serializer ser = ...;

 // Set the Writer to write output to, and 
 // serialize the DOM using that Serializer sw = new;
 DOMSerialzier dser = ser.asDOMSerializer();
 // Write out the serialized XML in the String.

See Also:
OutputPropertiesFactory, SerializerFactory, Serializer

Method Summary
 void serialize(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
          Serializes the DOM node.

Method Detail


void serialize(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
Serializes the DOM node. Throws an exception only if an I/O exception occured while serializing. This interface is a public API.

node - the DOM node to serialize
Throws: - if an I/O exception occured while serializing