Class Version

  extended by org.apache.xml.serializer.Version

public final class Version
extends java.lang.Object

Administrative class to keep track of the version number of the Serializer release.

This class implements the upcoming standard of having org.apache.project-name.Version.getVersion() be a standard way to get version information.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static int getDevelopmentVersionNum()
          Development Drop Number.
static java.lang.String getImplementationLanguage()
          Implementation Language: Java.
static int getMaintenanceVersionNum()
          Maintenance Drop Number.
static int getMajorVersionNum()
          Major version number.
static java.lang.String getProduct()
          Name of product: Serializer.
static int getReleaseVersionNum()
          Release Number.
static java.lang.String getVersion()
          Get the basic version string for the current Serializer.
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
          Print the processor version to the command line.
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Constructor Detail


public Version()
Method Detail


public static java.lang.String getVersion()
Get the basic version string for the current Serializer. Version String formatted like "Serializer Java v.r[.dd| Dnn]". Futurework: have this read version info from jar manifest.

String denoting our current version


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
Print the processor version to the command line.

argv - command line arguments, unused.


public static java.lang.String getProduct()
Name of product: Serializer.


public static java.lang.String getImplementationLanguage()
Implementation Language: Java.


public static int getMajorVersionNum()
Major version number. Version number. This changes only when there is a significant, externally apparent enhancement from the previous release. 'n' represents the n'th version. Clients should carefully consider the implications of new versions as external interfaces and behaviour may have changed.


public static int getReleaseVersionNum()
Release Number. Release number. This changes when: - a new set of functionality is to be added, eg, implementation of a new W3C specification. - API or behaviour change. - its designated as a reference release.


public static int getMaintenanceVersionNum()
Maintenance Drop Number. Optional identifier used to designate maintenance drop applied to a specific release and contains fixes for defects reported. It maintains compatibility with the release and contains no API changes. When missing, it designates the final and complete development drop for a release.


public static int getDevelopmentVersionNum()
Development Drop Number. Optional identifier designates development drop of a specific release. D01 is the first development drop of a new release. Development drops are works in progress towards a compeleted, final release. A specific development drop may not completely implement all aspects of a new feature, which may take several development drops to complete. At the point of the final drop for the release, the D suffix will be omitted. Each 'D' drops can contain functional enhancements as well as defect fixes. 'D' drops may not be as stable as the final releases.