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Packages that use EncodingInfo
org.apache.xml.serializer Processes SAX events into streams. 

Uses of EncodingInfo in org.apache.xml.serializer

Fields in org.apache.xml.serializer declared as EncodingInfo
private static EncodingInfo[] Encodings._encodings
(package private)  EncodingInfo ToStream.m_encodingInfo
          The encoding information associated with this serializer.

Methods in org.apache.xml.serializer that return EncodingInfo
(package private) static EncodingInfo Encodings.getEncodingInfo(java.lang.String encoding)
          Returns the EncodingInfo object for the specified encoding, never null, although the encoding name inside the returned EncodingInfo object will be if we can't find a "real" EncodingInfo for the encoding.
private static EncodingInfo[] Encodings.loadEncodingInfo()
          Load a list of all the supported encodings.