Package org.apache.xml.serializer.dom3

Class Summary
DOM3SerializerImpl This class implements the DOM3Serializer interface.
DOM3TreeWalker Built on org.apache.xml.serializer.TreeWalker and adds functionality to traverse and serialize a DOM Node (Level 2 or Level 3) as specified in the DOM Level 3 LS Recommedation by evaluating and applying DOMConfiguration parameters and filters if any during serialization.
DOMConstants DOM Constants used by the DOM Level 3 LSSerializer implementation.
DOMErrorHandlerImpl This is the default implementation of the ErrorHandler interface and is used if one is not provided.
DOMErrorImpl Implementation of the DOM Level 3 DOMError interface.
DOMLocatorImpl DOMLocatorImpl is an implementaion that describes a location (e.g.
DOMOutputImpl This is a copy of the Xerces-2J class This class represents an output destination for data.
DOMStringListImpl This class implemets the DOM Level 3 Core interface DOMStringList.
LSSerializerImpl Implemenatation of DOM Level 3 and
LSSerializerImpl.ThrowableMethods Holder of methods from java.lang.Throwable.
NamespaceSupport Namespace support for XML document handlers.