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Packages that use DOMHelper
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 

Uses of DOMHelper in org.apache.xml.utils

Subclasses of DOMHelper in org.apache.xml.utils
 class DOM2Helper
          Deprecated. Since the introduction of the DTM, this class will be removed. This class provides a DOM level 2 "helper", which provides services currently not provided be the DOM standard.

Fields in org.apache.xml.utils declared as DOMHelper
protected  DOMHelper TreeWalker.m_dh
          DomHelper for this TreeWalker
(package private)  DOMHelper AttList.m_dh
          Local reference to DOMHelper

Constructors in org.apache.xml.utils with parameters of type DOMHelper
AttList(org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap attrs, DOMHelper dh)
          Constructor AttList
TreeWalker(org.xml.sax.ContentHandler contentHandler, DOMHelper dh)
TreeWalker(org.xml.sax.ContentHandler contentHandler, DOMHelper dh, java.lang.String systemId)