Uses of Class

Packages that use IntVector
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 

Uses of IntVector in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref

Fields in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref declared as IntVector
private  IntVector DTMAxisIterNodeList.m_cachedNodes
(package private)  IntVector DTMStringPool.m_hashChain

Uses of IntVector in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.sax2dtm

Fields in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.sax2dtm declared as IntVector
protected  IntVector SAX2DTM.m_sourceColumn
          Made protected for access by SAX2RTFDTM.
protected  IntVector SAX2DTM.m_sourceLine
          Made protected for access by SAX2RTFDTM.

Uses of IntVector in org.apache.xml.utils

Subclasses of IntVector in org.apache.xml.utils
 class IntStack
          Implement a stack of simple integers.

Constructors in org.apache.xml.utils with parameters of type IntVector
IntVector(IntVector v)
          Copy constructor for IntVector