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Packages that use ExpressionOwner
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 
org.apache.xpath.axes Implementation of XPath LocationPath support -- primary classes are LocPathIterator and UnionPathIterator. 
org.apache.xpath.functions Implements XPath functions -- each function is derived from Function, FunctionOneArg, Function2Args, etc, with number-of-arguments checking being applied mainly at compile time -- this package only implements XPath functions, XSLT functions are found in the "templates" package. 
org.apache.xpath.objects Implementation of XPath polymorphic type objects -- this package will grow as XPath objects are expanded to support XML Schema data types. 
org.apache.xpath.operations Support for XPath operations, such as +, -, string(), etc. 
org.apache.xpath.patterns Implementation of XPath nodeTest support, and XSLT pattern matching support. 

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath

Classes in org.apache.xpath that implement ExpressionOwner
 class XPath
          The XPath class wraps an expression object and provides general services for execution of that expression.

Methods in org.apache.xpath with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void XPathVisitable.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
          This will traverse the heararchy, calling the visitor for each member.
 void XPath.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
          This will traverse the heararchy, calling the visitor for each member.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitBinaryOperation(ExpressionOwner owner, Operation op)
          Visit a binary operation.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitFunction(ExpressionOwner owner, Function func)
          Visit a function.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitLocationPath(ExpressionOwner owner, LocPathIterator path)
          Visit a LocationPath.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitMatchPattern(ExpressionOwner owner, StepPattern pattern)
          Visit a match pattern.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitNumberLiteral(ExpressionOwner owner, XNumber num)
          Visit a number literal.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitPredicate(ExpressionOwner owner, Expression pred)
          Visit a predicate within a location path.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitStep(ExpressionOwner owner, NodeTest step)
          Visit a step within a location path.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitStringLiteral(ExpressionOwner owner, XString str)
          Visit a string literal.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitUnaryOperation(ExpressionOwner owner, UnaryOperation op)
          Visit a unary operation.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitUnionPath(ExpressionOwner owner, UnionPathIterator path)
          Visit a UnionPath.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitUnionPattern(ExpressionOwner owner, UnionPattern pattern)
          Visit a union pattern.
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitVariableRef(ExpressionOwner owner, Variable var)
          Visit a variable reference.

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath.axes

Classes in org.apache.xpath.axes that implement ExpressionOwner
 class AxesWalker
          Serves as common interface for axes Walkers, and stores common state variables.
(package private)  class FilterExprIterator.filterExprOwner
(package private)  class FilterExprIteratorSimple.filterExprOwner
 class FilterExprWalker
          Walker for the OP_VARIABLE, or OP_EXTFUNCTION, or OP_FUNCTION, or OP_GROUP, op codes.
(package private)  class FilterExprWalker.filterExprOwner
(package private)  class PredicatedNodeTest.PredOwner
 class ReverseAxesWalker
          Walker for a reverse axes.
(package private)  class UnionPathIterator.iterOwner
 class WalkingIterator
          Location path iterator that uses Walkers.
 class WalkingIteratorSorted
          This class iterates over set of nodes that needs to be sorted.

Methods in org.apache.xpath.axes with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void WalkingIterator.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void UnionPathIterator.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void LocPathIterator.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void AxesWalker.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
          This will traverse the heararchy, calling the visitor for each member.
 boolean HasPositionalPredChecker.visitFunction(ExpressionOwner owner, Function func)
          Visit a function.
 boolean HasPositionalPredChecker.visitPredicate(ExpressionOwner owner, Expression pred)
          Visit a predicate within a location path.

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath.functions

Classes in org.apache.xpath.functions that implement ExpressionOwner
 class FuncBoolean
          Execute the Boolean() function.
 class FuncCeiling
          Execute the Ceiling() function.
 class FuncConcat
          Execute the Concat() function.
 class FuncContains
          Execute the Contains() function.
 class FuncCount
          Execute the Count() function.
 class FuncDoclocation
          Execute the proprietary document-location() function, which returns a node set of documents.
 class FuncExtElementAvailable
          Execute the ExtElementAvailable() function.
(package private)  class FuncExtFunction.ArgExtOwner
 class FuncExtFunctionAvailable
          Execute the ExtFunctionAvailable() function.
 class FuncFloor
          Execute the Floor() function.
 class FuncGenerateId
          Execute the GenerateId() function.
 class FuncId
          Execute the Id() function.
 class FuncLang
          Execute the Lang() function.
 class FuncLocalPart
          Execute the LocalPart() function.
 class FuncNamespace
          Execute the Namespace() function.
 class FuncNormalizeSpace
          Execute the normalize-space() function.
 class FuncNot
          Execute the Not() function.
 class FuncNumber
          Execute the Number() function.
 class FuncQname
          Execute the Qname() function.
 class FuncRound
          Execute the round() function.
 class FuncStartsWith
          Execute the StartsWith() function.
 class FuncString
          Execute the String() function.
 class FuncStringLength
          Execute the StringLength() function.
 class FuncSubstring
          Execute the Substring() function.
 class FuncSubstringAfter
          Execute the SubstringAfter() function.
 class FuncSubstringBefore
          Execute the SubstringBefore() function.
 class FuncSum
          Execute the Sum() function.
 class FuncSystemProperty
          Execute the SystemProperty() function.
 class Function2Args
          Base class for functions that accept two arguments.
(package private)  class Function2Args.Arg1Owner
 class Function3Args
          Base class for functions that accept three arguments.
(package private)  class Function3Args.Arg2Owner
 class FunctionDef1Arg
          Base class for functions that accept one argument that can be defaulted if not specified.
 class FunctionMultiArgs
          Base class for functions that accept an undetermined number of multiple arguments.
(package private)  class FunctionMultiArgs.ArgMultiOwner
 class FunctionOneArg
          Base class for functions that accept one argument.
 class FuncTranslate
          Execute the Translate() function.
 class FuncUnparsedEntityURI

Methods in org.apache.xpath.functions with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void Function.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath.objects

Methods in org.apache.xpath.objects with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void XString.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void XObject.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void XNumber.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath.operations

Classes in org.apache.xpath.operations that implement ExpressionOwner
 class And
          The 'and' operation expression executer.
 class Bool
          The 'boolean()' operation expression executer.
 class Div
          The 'div' operation expression executer.
 class Equals
          The '=' operation expression executer.
 class Gt
          The '>' operation expression executer.
 class Gte
          The '>=' operation expression executer.
 class Lt
          The '<' operation expression executer.
 class Lte
          The '<=' operation expression executer.
 class Minus
          The binary '-' operation expression executer.
 class Mod
          The 'mod' operation expression executer.
 class Mult
          The '*' operation expression executer.
 class Neg
          The unary '-' operation expression executer.
 class NotEquals
          The '!=' operation expression executer.
 class Number
          The 'number()' operation expression executer.
 class Operation
          The baseclass for a binary operation.
(package private)  class Operation.LeftExprOwner
 class Or
          The 'or' operation expression executer.
 class Plus
          The '+' operation expression executer.
 class Quo
 class String
          The 'string()' operation expression executer.
 class UnaryOperation
          The unary operation base class.

Methods in org.apache.xpath.operations with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void Variable.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void UnaryOperation.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void Operation.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)

Uses of ExpressionOwner in org.apache.xpath.patterns

Classes in org.apache.xpath.patterns that implement ExpressionOwner
 class ContextMatchStepPattern
          Special context node pattern matcher.
 class FunctionPattern
          Match pattern step that contains a function.
(package private)  class FunctionPattern.FunctionOwner
 class StepPattern
          This class represents a single pattern match step.
(package private)  class StepPattern.PredOwner
(package private)  class UnionPattern.UnionPathPartOwner

Methods in org.apache.xpath.patterns with parameters of type ExpressionOwner
 void UnionPattern.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void StepPattern.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)
 void NodeTest.callVisitors(ExpressionOwner owner, XPathVisitor visitor)