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Packages that use Comparator
org.apache.xpath.objects Implementation of XPath polymorphic type objects -- this package will grow as XPath objects are expanded to support XML Schema data types. 

Uses of Comparator in org.apache.xpath.objects

Subclasses of Comparator in org.apache.xpath.objects
(package private)  class EqualComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for equality.
(package private)  class GreaterThanComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for greater than.
(package private)  class GreaterThanOrEqualComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for greater than or equal.
(package private)  class LessThanComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for less than.
(package private)  class LessThanOrEqualComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for less than or equal.
(package private)  class NotEqualComparator
          Compare strings or numbers for non-equality.

Methods in org.apache.xpath.objects with parameters of type Comparator
 boolean obj2, Comparator comparator)
          Tell if one object is less than the other.